Smoke and Mirrors Playlist

As I was putting the final touches on Smoke and Mirror’s ebook today I knew it was time to finalize my playlist for the novel. Because I’m a crazy, obsessive, freak (ahem) artistic person who utilizes all forms of multimedia to put together my stories.

Anyhow, I struggled more with this playlist than I did for Chasing Fire. For that book I really had one song almost for every chapter that fit the vibe of each scene. With Smoke and Mirrors it was much more of an emotion, a feel, an overall vibe of the book. I listened to a lot of modern blues and southern rock and a little country while writing the second book.

Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely certain songs that had their specific place (you can usually spot those because I even reference to them in the novel at times) and I tried my best to put them in the best order to be listened to while reading. Mostly though this was all about the vibe I felt. This sexy push and pull between my characters mixed with Scott’s southern rock roots.

Anyhow, I finally finished it tonight. You can link to it on YouTube or Spotify, and I’m also embedding it here. Enjoy!


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