Plane Love cover

Plane Love


It’s my brother’s fault I’m in this mess.

Flying is my number one fear. And what does he do? He chooses a destination wedding in Ireland, all the way across the Atlantic. So, before I board the metal deathtrap, I knock back a drink… or two… or possibly three, just to calm my nerves.

And now I’m so drunk, I can’t think straight.

But I’m sober enough to know my seatmate is the sexiest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on.


I’m sitting next to the most adorable girl I’ve ever seen.

Well, almost adorable. She’s a little tipsy. Strike that. She’s plastered. But we still manage to hit it off. Behind that sarcastic booze-fueled mouth is a girl I could really fall for.

Too bad she has no idea I’m in a wheelchair.

I’m not afraid of flying, but I’m terrified of how she’ll feel when she finds out the truth.

Plane Love is a 27,000 word standalone novella and part of the Honoring those Who serve collection of short stories.


man in wheelchair on dance floor